Warm Rustic Cabin Blankets

Warm rustic cabin blankets are the solution on a cold winter’s night. Stay warm and cozy with soft cabin blankets from Wooded River. These soft cabin blankets are perfect to snuggle in on the sofa or bedroom. They come in a variety of colors and themes such as the hunter green blanket or the cabin bear blanket with rustic motifs. There are buffalo, black bears, moose, canoes, cabins, pine trees, buffalo, plaids and more. These comfortable blankets are super soft and perfect for a log cabin cold winters night.
Cabin Canoe Blanket
Cabin Blankets
  • Cabin Canoe Blanket
    Cabin Canoe Blanket
  • Deer Meadow Blanket
    Deer Meadow Blanket
  • Cabin Bear Throw Blanket
    Cabin Bear Throw Blanket
  • Faux Fur Warm Throw Blanket
    Battilo Faux Fur Warm Throw Blanket
  • buffalo-plaid-blanket
    Buffalo Plaid Blanket
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