Trellis Support for Climbing Garden Plants

trellis for climbing plants

Great for climbing tomatoes, cucumbers, roses, ivy and more different kinds of plants and vegetables. Let your garden roses and vegetables climb on the trellis and become your own do it yourself garden. Can also be used for indoor trellis or outdoor. Measures 6ft and 12 inches in diameter. You can also adjust the height you need.

Thickened metal Trellis: The iron pipe is wrapped with high-quality vinyl coating, which can prevent moisture and rust, can resist the erosion of wind and rain. Made of high quality polyethylene, which can make the whole Obelisk Trellis more stable. The double-layer steel pipe built-in interface upgrade design, which makes the garden trellis more sturdy and can carry heavy loads, it is an ideal tomato trellis.

trellis for climbing plants
Trellis for Climbing Plants

Easily incorporate into existing plants that need the trellis. Great design from the spikes that are used to dig into the soil. Lightweight, sturdy and they do not rust. Great support for climbing plants.