HOMFINE Luxury Faux Fur Blanket – Super Thick

【Luxury Simulation Design】HOMFINE luxurious faux fur blanket is made of high-quality Acrylic & Polyester, it is produced through fine craftsmanship to ensure that every furry fiber is tightly woven together. Faux fur throw blanket not only provides you with warmth and comfort, but also adds a sense of luxury and nobility to the room, a perfect decoration for your home.
【Warm & Skin-Friendly】Faux fur throw blanket is very thick and has high thermal performance. The front is furry long fluff and the back is soft velvet, which can effectively keep warm and make you feel warm and comfortable on cold nights. Faux fur Throw blanket skin-friendly properties will make it perfect for snuggling and keeping warm on cold nights.
【Versatile Usage Scenarios】Bed Decor: Faux fur blanket can be spread on the bed, adding luxury and comfort to the bedroom; Sofa Decor: draping the furry blanket on the sofa or folded over the armrest of the sofa to add comfort and visual appeal to the living room; Chair Shawl: Drape the fur throw over the chair to increase the comfort of the seat and add decor to the chair at the same time; Outdoor Use: faux fur blanket is durable enough to spread over grass to provide a warm and cozy cushion.